You may have seen the notices in your inbox and alerts about the Mining Cleantech Challenge (MCC), and wondered: What’s the connection between CCIA and mining?

The truth is, clean technology is needed anywhere and everywhere, and the binary separation of energy production into traditional OR renewable needs to be revisited. We need energy, and in our current world, that energy has to come from a mix of all sorts of different sources. Coal might be coming back in, or totally on its way out, depending on who you talk to, for example, but it’s a part of the energy mix now. So why don’t we do what we can to help make all points in the process of energy production as clean as possible?

Our mining and oil & gas challenges are focused on industry leaders who are seeking specific advanced technologies to improve their operations and social license to operate.

MCC is unique in that it provides an opportunity for clean technology business innovators to meet privately, face-to-face, with the industry executives who are looking to incorporate this kind of technology into their processes. It is not a traditional pitch session, where the audience is an afterthought to the competition. In the MCC, the competition is secondary to the needs of our industry partners.

One company will win $5,000, certainly, but there’s no limit to the number of companies who can make positive and lucrative connections. We’ve seen this in practice, outcomes being commercial contracts signed and pilots in process directly out of their involvement in the program.

The deadline to apply for this program in 2018 is tomorrow, Wednesday, February 28, at 5:00 p.m. Click through to read more and apply.