CCIA, in collaboration with the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), is pleased to announce the inaugural class of technology companies for the first Commercial Vehicle Cleantech Challenge (CVCC), comprising of eight companies from six U.S. states and Canada.

Building on the popularity of the Cleantech Challenge model of directly connecting industry to innovative technology solution providers, the CVCC is tackling the commercial vehicle industry.  The commercial vehicle industry is on the brink of exciting and impactful disruption in several technology sectors, including automation, electrification, hydrogen/fuel cells, connectivity, last mile productivity and more.

Program partners reviewed submissions, vetted applicants and ultimately selected eight finalists to present during the July program in Denver. Finalists will pitch their technologies to major commercial vehicle companies and investors.

Companies selected to present include:

American Intermodal Equipment Co. (dynaCERT)
HydraGEN™ produces and injects pure hydrogen gas into the internal combustion engine, resulting more latent energy capture from the diesel fuel being consumed; thus reducing NOx emissions by 88%, carbon emissions by half and particulates by 67%.

Delivery Technologies LLC
Delivery Technologies offers a patented vehicle modification that lowers the rear suspension of a front wheel drive van, which, along with a ramp, allows vehicle operators to rapidly unload cargo in dense delivery markets.

Electriphi Inc.
Electriphi provides a software solution for energy and fleet management of commercial electric vehicle fleets and helps save up to 70% in energy costs while ensuring operational readiness.

FAZEL1’s Dynamic Charging Platoon Technology solves EV fleet range anxiety on highways. Vehicles platooned with FAZEL1 technology receive electrical charge from a vehicle energy source in-motion. This dynamic charging platoon technology provides an opportunity for unlimited range extension, increased driving distance, increased battery life, reduced battery size and decreased charging-related waiting time, without the need for costly deployment of charging lanes.

Havelaar Canada Industrial R&D Laboratory Ltd.
Havelaar Canada’s multi-patented on-board battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology lowers BEV and high fast-charging infrastructure costs, enabling smaller battery size and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) proliferation for revenue-enhancing deliveries at all ranges, including last mile.

Microgrid Labs
Microgrid Labs delivers software for planning, optimal sizing and operation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for buses and commercial fleets.

PADT, Inc.
PADT offers customized hydrogen blowers, controllers, motors, and pump-heads optimized for fuel cell applications to deliver robustness in a harsh environment and greater efficiency.

Pareto Point Industries, Inc.
Parallel Bypass Filtration (PBF) is a recently patented, economic and environmentally responsible bolt-on (no engine modifications) advanced oil filtration system, reducing oil and filter waste by extending reefer engine/component and oil/filter life, while adding a layer of protection to goods being transported.

Starfire Energy
Starfire Energy provides infrastructure to support renewable fuels by selling systems that generate carbon-free NH3 (ammonia), which can be used as a hydrogen transport medium or consumed directly by piston engines or fuel cells.

Together with NACFE, CCIA developed the CVCC following the successful Oil & Gas and Mining Cleantech Challenge models (now in their sixth and third years, respectively) in partnership with an internationally recognized team of industry leaders, including Great Dane, UPS, Schneider Trucks, Kenworth, Xcel, Woodward, Toyota, Clean Cities, Rocky Mountain Institute, CALSTART and NREL.

The Commercial Vehicle Cleantech Challenge will be held on July 10, 2019, at the Governor’s Residence in Denver, Colorado. A VIP reception will follow the private pitch sessions. Registration is open to the public for the VIP reception.