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Colorado’s cleantech industry covers an amazing ecosystem of people, technologies and supporting organizations. The Resource Hub connects you to some of the state’s highlights and provides industry overviews to guide examination and education of Colorado’s vibrant cleantech industry.

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Innovative Energy Review Cover

Innovative Energy Review

CCIA’s Innovative Energy Review (IER) publication was the state of Colorado’s leading clean energy journal dedicated to promoting trends, companies, and the overall state of energy in the region.

In 2018, we transitioned the IER articles and content to our blog, opting to discontinue the print format with a little nostalgia and a lot of anticipation about the future of digital media.

You can still access IER archives of the full five years of publication at any time.


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Colorado Cleantech Ecosystem Wheel

Colorado is home to one of the strongest energy clusters in the United States. Access to federal laboratories, proximity to top-notch university energy programs, a highly educated workforce and an engaged business community are all essential players in Colorado’s growing cleantech community.  The Ecosystem Wheel offers a high-level view of some of the contributors in our cleantech community.

Colorado Cleantech Ecosystem Tool Graphic