g:i ag:i aOEDIT's Global Consultant Network Webinar: Asia and Australia

Event Details

The webinar will allow companies to get to know the consultants in our network and find out information to exporting into their markets.

The purpose of the Global Consultant Network is to provide aspiring and current Colorado exporters in the Advanced Industries with valuable in-country market research. Research provided by the consultants will help companies understand the opportunity for a product or service in a foreign market, navigate the local regulatory and business environment, and identify potential in-market partners.

The Global Consultant Network supports Colorado businesses by offsetting the costs of in-country market research for major markets like Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, UAE, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, and China. OEDIT’s network of international consultants provides market entry services, in-country partner services, and other additional services. OEDIT helps offset the cost of these services by paying the majority of the consulting fee and the company is responsible for $500 for most of the services.


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