Czero team

The Czero Team, Photo: Richard Ricchiuti

Recently recognized with Mercury 100 and Colorado Companies to Watch awards as one of Colorado’s fastest-growing companies helping fuel economic growth in the state, CCIA member Czero provides early-stage mechanical engineering R&D for clients innovating in the clean technology, oil and gas, and automotive industries.

Czero uses a highly refined rapid innovation process to help client startups, multinationals, universities and government organizations develop new, cleaner technologies that directly address global energy challenges by increasing energy efficiency and reducing harmful emissions.

Increasing the commercial viability of renewables and other cleantech
With deep expertise in the design of complex, highly efficient machines and advanced hydraulics, Czero’s R&D team has helped clients—including several other members—quickly advance these and other new technologies:

Using recycled liquid carbon dioxide to launder commercial textiles without water—with CO2Nexus/Tersus Solutions

Testing new turbocharger technology that dramatically increases fuel efficiency—with VanDyne SuperTurbo

Reducing the infrastructure costs of compressed air energy storage (CAES) for renewable energy—with Bright Energy Storage Technologies

Scaling bioreactor algae growth systems (AGS) for commercial production—with Solix Biosystems

Harvesting tidal power in shallow waterways more efficiently and with less risk to wildlife—with Brown University and BluSource Energy, sponsored by the U.S. DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) program

Testing systems for concentrating solar power that use higher-temperature thermal energy storage (TES) to increase power yield—with Springs Fabrication, sponsored by the U.S. DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) SunShot program

Refueling natural gas vehicles via a dual-function engine for onboard compression of low-pressure gas—with Oregon State University and now Onboard Dynamics, sponsored by the U.S. DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) program

Providing low-cost solar-powered lighting for people developing countries—with Envirofit

“Developing cleaner, commercially viable, sustainable technologies that make a global impact is integral to Czero’s mission and a driving force for our team,” says Guy Babbitt, Czero co-founder and CEO. “Global initiatives to find new and better ways to meet our energy needs and reduce energy consumption are really building momentum, which is super exciting to me because that has been my passion since I was a kid. It’s fantastic to be involved with so many great cleantech companies that are taking these challenges head-on. Helping them succeed, that benefits all of us.”

Growing the cleantech economy in Colorado
Helping drive Colorado’s cleantech economy, Czero has done millions of dollars in privately and federally funded work in cleantech, renewables and alternative fuels, supported by agencies including the U.S. Departments of Energy and Defense.

To increase capacity for R&D projects as the cleantech sector and new energy economy continue to grow—in Colorado, across the nation and worldwide—in the last twelve months alone Czero hired eight new engineers. Additionally, over the years Czero has worked with more than 50 students on various projects, including providing internships for college and high schools, helping train Colorado’s next wave of cleantech engineering talent.

Says Babbitt, “By helping attract top talent to our state, fostering connections and partnerships, shaping public policy, and increasing the visibility of the great things happening in cleantech in Colorado, the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association plays a vital role in building the innovation ecosystem that makes game-changing technology leaps possible. Special thanks to the team for their work to make that happen.”

Supporting startups in Colorado’s cleantech innovation ecosystem
Active in Colorado’s cleantech innovation ecosystem, Czero serves as an in-house partner and resource to startups/clients at Colorado State University’s Energy Institute, a collaborator with CSU researchers at the Engines & Energy Conversion Lab, and an R&D resource for independent startups as well as companies involved in the Innosphere tech incubator program.

In its work for cleantech startups, Czero in some cases serves as a complete virtual engineering department while companies ramp up their in-house capabilities. In other cases, it provides expert mechanical engineering R&D support for specific project elements, by evaluating technical feasibility, developing concepts and defining engineering requirements, expediting proof-of-concept, or providing strategic advising for planning technology programs.

Learn more about Czero and the company’s recent cleantech innovation projects.

Waterless commercial laundry technology


Czero R&D engineers helped CO2Nexus develop technology for TERSUS Solutions, a commercial laundry system for textiles that replaces water or dry-cleaning chemicals with liquid carbon dioxide, which can be recycled, saving water and reducing cycle time. Learn more…

Natural gas vehicle refueling


Working closely with researchers at Oregon State University, Czero designed a dual-functional natural gas vehicle (NGV) engine, now in the second phase of development with startup Onboard Dynamics, that compresses its own gas, eliminating the need for an external compressor. Learn more…

Natural gas power for trains


For this Bright Rail Energy and Cummins project, the Czero engineering team designed a containerized, quick-to-implement genset that delivers 1.5 megawatts of natural-gas-generated electric power for locomotives.

Commercial-scale algal growth systems


Advancing the technology of algal growth system (AGS®) for cleantech innovator Solix BioSystems, Czero played an integral long-term role in design, development, and testing of the company’s patented bioreactors, helping scale the lab system into a multi-acre pilot plant. Learn more…