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Connecting the Commercial Vehicle Industry with Clean Technology Innovation

Program Overview
The Commercial Vehicle Cleantech Challenge (CVCC) is a product innovation showcase and catalyst for the discovery of new and innovative, clean technology solutions for today’s trucking challenges.
Transportation fleets are facing increasing social, regulatory, and financial pressure to reduce their environmental footprint. Solutions that focus on better mileage, electrification, automation, emissions and minimizing impacts help maintain and improve their social license to operate while also providing solutions to problems faced by the industry as a whole.

Commercial vehicle companies are looking for the following technologies:

Infrastructure for BEV and FCV vehicles
Building out the infrastructure to charge or fuel commercial battery electric vehicles and fuel cell trucks is a significant barrier to deployment of medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Fleets are seeking innovations in the equipment and project management to lower the timing and overall cost to deploy.
Cost reduction for electrification of the powertrain
Electric trucks are coming to the market quickly with medium- and heavy-duty deployments happening now. Some are newly designed vehicles while others are adaptations of diesel-powered trucks. In both cases, the upfront capital cost of the truck is significantly higher than for their diesel ancestors, and cost reduction innovations are in high need.
Vehicle automation & connectivity
There are many known and maybe even some yet to be determined benefits by automating many truck driving operations and as well as connecting trucks with other vehicles. These innovations can dramatically improve asset utilization, safety and uptime. There are also many concerns. Technologies to exploit the basic solutions improving the performance, ease of use and lower costs are needed.
Driver attraction, retention, & health
Driving a truck whether a city delivery medium-duty one or a long-haul sleeper tractor is a difficult job, one which has many challenges for fleets to attract and retain employees. Innovative solutions that improve driver comfort, health and satisfaction are needed to attract the next generation of truckers. Solutions such as those for improved hotelling and reduced idling during driver’s rest periods.
On-vehicle hydrogen performance and cost
It very well may be that now is the time for hydrogen as a truck fuel. Technologies are being requested for monitoring the on-truck performance and reduced cost of hydrogen fuel cells and fuel delivery. This would include novel means of utilizing batteries and blending of the various energies available on truck (hydrogen, electricity via plug-in or regenerative braking, etc.).
Truck and trailer refrigeration
A growing amount of goods moved are carried in refrigerated trucks and trailers. This includes commodities such as flowers, pharmaceuticals and electronics. Numerous new demands are challenging traditional solutions. These include new food temperature regulations, GHG rules, local abatements, electric and other truck developments, evolutions in solar, etc. Looking for system and components solutions.
Last mile truck productivity
E-commerce is reorganizing much of the last mile freight movement globally, while urbanization is creating more congested cities. Fleets are seeking solutions such as electric delivery vans, drones, robot deliveries, innovative locker and home delivery ideas, etc.

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Congratulations to the 2019 winner of the first Commercial Vehicle Cleantech Challenge, Havelaar!