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Dispatch from a Member Company: EcoVapor

These days, especially here in the Front Range of Colorado, reducing emissions is front and center for oil and gas operators and regulators alike. In the past, many operators understandably turned to flaring or combusting these tank vapors as a way to reduce VOC...

Recycled Energy: Capturing Waste Heat to Generate Power

Here in Colorado, companies are capturing waste heat from industrial processes and using it to generate electricity with no additional fuel or emissions. Called recycled energy or waste heat to power, these systems can improve electric service reliability onsite, create cost savings by reducing the amount of purchased fuel and electricity, provide power to remote locations, and reduce a company’s carbon footprint and emissions.

Energy Fellows Institute Feature – 2014 Fellow Cassie Quaintance

We are continuing to spotlight alumni of the Energy Fellows Institute (EFI) program. Cassie Quaintance went through EFI in 2014. Her path from big energy management to a more fulfilling role includes the Energy Fellows Institute, which helped her pivot to a startup focusing on energy-related data and to return home to the big island of Hawaii.