Today, CCIA announced a call for applications for the 2018 Energy Fellows Institute (EFI), the 8th annual program that takes experienced executives and serial entrepreneurs on a deep dive into the exciting and fast-growing advanced energy technology sector in Colorado.

The energy landscape here is fascinating and ever-evolving. For example, this month alone, we saw news of PRPA’s planned purchase of locally-produced wind energy for fifty percent of Northern Colorado’s total energy usage by 2020; an Indian microgrid company with twenty million dollars in recent investments relocated to Fort Collins; and the state announced an ambitious plan to put one million electric vehicles on the road by 2030.

Within this electrifying landscape, the EFI program will accept an exceptional class of 10 proven leaders for the 2018 intensive program. Fellows convene on May 16 (Wednesday), for the six-day program, which includes visits to sites including national laboratories, university R&D centers, industry installations, cleantech startups and energy generation facilities. Fellows also have the opportunity to meet in a small group setting with CEOs, researchers, decision-makers and industry leaders – an invaluable tool toward network expansion and opportunity investigation.

The Energy Fellows program has also been changing with the times. In 2017, EFI introduced a new six-day intensive schedule, split by a two-day weekend, and the feedback from the Fellows was so positive the program will repeat this schedule in 2018. EFI begins on Wednesday, May 16, and runs through Wednesday, May 23, with a full weekend break to digest and synthesize the first few days of the program.

We encourage executives already in the energy sector as well as those looking to transition to apply for the Energy Fellows Institute program. Applications are open now through April 18. For more information go to or email Or click the link below if you’re ready to apply.