We asked several companies “What are the critical changes in the battery industry landscape that will have a strategic impact on your success?” This week, we’re highlighting Solid Power.

Doug Campbell
President and CEO

Vehicle electrification is revolutionizing the automotive industry as auto OEMs seek to preserve and grow their market share, legacy suppliers seek to diversify their product offerings beyond internal combustion engine components and current cell suppliers seek to preserve their market dominance. At the center of this industry upheaval lies the battery system where industry is continuously seeking safer, lower cost and more energy dense batteries. The realization of limitations around the aging lithium-ion battery has created a race to develop new “beyond lithium-ion” chemistries with solid-state emerging as the most commercially viable “beyond lithium- ion” technology.

The emerging focus of the automotive supply chain to develop and commercialize solid-state batteries brings a huge area of opportunity for battery manufacturing companies like Solid Power. This is validated through the extensive investments and industry cooperations that Solid Power has established spanning the full spectrum of the automotive supply chain from large chemical companies to industry leading automotive manufacturers.

About Solid Power
Solid Power is developing the next-generation of rechargeable batteries based on a solid-state chemistry, providing superior energy, safety and lower cost batteries vs. legacy lithium-ion to markets including electric vehicles, portable electronics, military and aerospace among several others.