Last week, we published a blog about the coming Battery Breakthrough. As part of the feature, we asked several companies “What are the critical changes in the battery industry landscape that will have a strategic impact on your success?” We will be featuring their answers over the next several weeks, starting today with SiILion.

Daniela Molina Piper
Co-founder/President & COO

The Li-ion battery market is expected to be worth $50-60B globally by 2020. We are consequently seeing a boom in Li-ion battery manufacturing, with 15 gigafactories in the works set to provide >230GWh of production capacity within the next 5 years. Parallel to the rise in demand for volume of Li-ion cells is a surging demand for higher energy and lower costs. State-of-the-art Li-ion falls well under the wanted targets, and beyond Li-ion technologies, projected to move the needle past the demanded targets, won’t be in production for 10-15 years. This leaves a massive gap between today’s best batteries, and those demanded by the applications and their users that are really driving the industry.

SiILion sits at this intersection as a rapidly commercializable, high energy Li-ion solution to bridge the gap. SiILion’s technology comprises high-energy Liion cell designs, with focus on high-loading silicon anodes and advanced cathodes. SiILion’s fundamental design point is to enable these high-energy Li-ion chemistries using processes that seamlessly integrate into the existing manufacturing infrastructure. This way, the company builds on the decades of expertise already established. The goal is to push energy storage performance to advance at its already staggering pace.

About SiILion
SiILion’s Li-ion battery, based on high-loaded silicon anodes, safe electrolytes, and high voltage cathodes, delivers next-generation performance in energy density, lower cost, and safety, with the unique ability to integrate rapidly with existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing processes.