We asked several companies “What are the critical changes in the battery industry landscape that will have a strategic impact on your success?” This week, we’re highlighting Nikola Power.

Jonathan W Postal (J.W.)
Founder & CEO

The combination of dramatic price reductions and increased customer need for energy storage is driving significant changes in our industry. Additionally, the coming electrification of automotive and public transportation sectors will further drive cost reductions across the lithium-ion space, creating a positive cycle of increasing demand and further price reductions.

In addition, the response to the recent spate of serious storms will drive the adoption of energy storage for grid stability, resiliency, and clean energy that does not exasperate our climate issues. Together, we are at a major inflection point for energy storage.

About Nikola Power
Nikola Power is well positioned to successfully leverage this inflection point. Our company possesses patented battery management algorithms that can improve the performance and cycle life of energy storage systems by providing accurate and detailed data on energy charging, discharging, state of health, and state of charge. Our tools allow us to improve customer savings, increase investor IRRs, and allow Nikola to stack revenue streams — increasing the virtuous cycle. Energy storage’s success is the best hope for a 100% renewable energy powered world!