Ten days from today, on Thursday, March 29, 2018, ten companies will present to our industry partners at the second annual Mining Cleantech Challenge in Denver at the Governor’s Residence.

You may have seen the press release or eblast. We wanted to take you a step deeper and introduce you to the presenting companies who made it through a rigorous vetting process to reach this point:

The sampling and analysis products from Access Sensor Technologies shed light on pollutant levels in air, water, soil, and food to make people and communities safer and businesses more profitable.

AOMS Technologies develops a fully integrated optical sensing technology using fiber optics to empower industries with uninterrupted monitoring of multidimensional performance data.

Aqua Pure Technologies develops, manufactures and operates water filtration solutions for industrial applications.

Avivid Water Technology LLC revolutionizes electrocoagulation, making it highly effective for removing arsenic, heavy metals, and soluble organic compounds, among other benefits.

FlexGen combines power conversion, energy storage and high speed controls to fortify, clean, and improve generating assets and power systems.

Hydrostor is a leading energy storage technology company with a patented and bankable Advanced-Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) solution.

Rentricity Inc. is a renewable energy company that designs and installs a unique energy recovery system.

Solar Ship builds an aircraft able to operate in places where planes, helicopters and trucks cannot move cargo effectively.

Terra CO2 Technologies Ltd.  is currently developing methods of addressing two major environmental problems: acid rock drainage (ARD) from mining, and excess atmospheric CO2.

Yost Brothers, LLC provides consulting services for waste and water treatment related to the environmental remediation and cleanup industry.


Congratulations and best of luck next week, where these lucky companies will be competing for the top $5,000 prize!

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