CCIA is excited to announce the companies chosen to present at its 5th annual Oil & Gas Cleantech Challenge, which will take place at the Governor’s Residence in Denver on September 6, 2018.

These ten companies passed a rigorous vetting process to be selected to compete for a $5,000 prize at the event.


Aimsio provides a software platform that allows companies with field operations to easily manage their crew, equipment and projects in the field.

Avivid Water Technology, LLC

Avivid Water Technology, LLC is dedicated to enhancing the world’s water resources using advanced technologies that reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals to purify water.

Cold Bore Technology

Cold Bore Technology’s SmartPAD is the World’s first ECR (Electronic Completions Recorder).


Direct-C provides certainty and reliability in leak detection monitoring for liquid hydrocarbons and/or produced water, completely free of false positives.

LongPath Technologies, Inc.

LongPath Technologies provides a regional methane monitoring service that finds all the methane leaking within a 5 square mile region, figures out where the methane leaks originate and measures each individual leak.

Modern Wellbore Solutions Ltd.

Modern Wellbore Solutions is a downhole tool development company with a focus on advancing clean energy technologies for responsible hydrocarbon development.

Osprey Informatics

Opsrey Informatics is the enterprise visual monitoring solution for exception-based management of field operations, assets, and facilities.

Raven SR

Raven SR operates a multi-patented “Steam/CO2 Reforming” chemical process that converts multiple feed stocks into hydrogen as well as sulfur-free and nitrogen-free Fischer-Tropsch products.

Transworld Technologies

Transworld Technologies uses DNA sequencing, geochemical analysis and microbiology to enhance oil recovery and create natural gas by stimulating microbes that live in the environment.

Vesmir Inc. (PetroDE)

PetroDE’s intuitive oilfield intelligence platform aggregates dynamic updates from multiple sources in a single geospatial platform to find the answers companies need in real-time, providing a step-change increase in productivity and efficiency.

Interested in meeting the teams? The VIP Reception is open to the public.