In 2018, Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA) celebrates its 10th birthday. A lot has changed since 2008 but one thing that hasn’t is the creativity and passion Colorado’s cleantech community throws behind clean energy innovation.

While large companies are incorporating clean technology and clean energy practices into their everyday existence at a rate never seen before, we here at CCIA continue to champion those businesses striving to make an impact from nano- to utility scale. Now an anticipated annual event, the Cleantech Awards Celebration honors the cleantech leaders who call Colorado home.

Our nominees for the Colorado Cleantech Awards this year represent every aspect of that spectrum. The Awards separate companies not by technology or type of business, but rather by stage in development. So we see a wide range of companies from manufacturing, software, materials, microgrids, renewable energy deployment, financial services and others.

A judging panel representing CCIA board executives and key partner organizations narrowed down the field of nominees for each category. The finalists are listed below, and the winner in each category will be announced at the Colorado Cleantech Awards Celebration on October 24, 2018, at Rayback Collective in Boulder.

Breakout Cleantech Company

The Breakout category honors exciting young businesses working on perfecting innovative new products.

Breakout Finalists:
Forge Nano

Emerging Cleantech Company

Emerging Cleantech companies are evolving businesses with a honed product that are poised to start earning revenue.

Emerging Finalists:
Hygge Power
Lever Energy Capital
Scale Microgrid Solutions

High Impact Cleantech Company

Companies in the High Impact category are leading businesses in Colorado cleantech. These finalists are mature organizations with large and growing staff, single or multiple products in the marketplace and positive earnings.

High Impact Finalists:
Black Bear Energy
Bolder Industries
Cool Planet
SunTech Drive

Cleantech Innovator of the Year

The Cleantech Innovator of the Year award goes to an individual who made a significant impact on the Colorado cleantech ecosystem in 2018. Their leadership has led their companies to successful fundraising, growth and significant milestones toward enduring success.

Innovator of the Year Finalists:
Dave Lisle of Silver Bullet
Tim Reeser of Lightning Systems
Tony Wibbeler of Bolder Industries

CCIA has also announced the 2018 Colorado Legislator of the Year Award, which will be presented to House Representative Chris Hansen at the Awards.

The 2018 Colorado Cleantech Awards brings together a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations, all working towards common purpose albeit with widely ranging methods and tools. For one night only, we all get to gather together to celebrate innovation and entrepreneurship in our thriving, and growing, fields.

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