Our focus here at CCIA on the ecosystem of clean energy and cleantech innovation in Colorado gives us a particular lens through which we look at the world. That world is bright and changing quickly. Renewables are starting to hit market parity in energy, where costs are rapidly decreasing to be equal or even lower than fossil fuels. Organizations and businesses focusing on every aspect of the energy transition are growing and succeeding. Colorado passed a number of momentous climate bills in the 2019 legislature which will have positive effects on our industries.

The nominees for the Colorado Cleantech Awards in 2019 represent the best and the brightest. The main Cleantech Awards celebrate businesses in three technology agnostic categories based on their size. This unique structure allows us to honor companies regardless of their industry sector or business focus.

A judging panel representing CCIA board executives and key partner organizations narrowed down the field of nominees for each category based on considerations such as revenue growth, capital raised, major newsworthy announcements and staff growth (incidentally, membership in CCIA is not a criteria in the selection process). 

The finalists represent a diverse set of cleantech solutions, from software to hardware, energy storage to wind innovations, microgrids to distributed energy and are listed below. The winner in each category will be announced at the Colorado Cleantech Awards Celebration on October 16, 2019, at Buffalo Rose’s newly remodeled event space in Golden.

Emerging Cleantech Company

Emerging Cleantech companies are evolving businesses with a honed product that are poised to start earning revenue.

Emerging Finalists:

Big Blue Technologies

Hygge Power

Starfire Energy

Breakout Cleantech Company

The Breakout category honors exciting young startups working on perfecting innovative new products.

Breakout Finalists:


Keystone Tower Systems

Scale Microgrid Solutions

High Impact Cleantech Company 

Companies in the High Impact category are leading businesses in Colorado cleantech. These finalists are mature organizations with large and growing staff, single or multiple products in the marketplace and positive earnings.

High Impact Finalists:

AES Distributed Energy

Forge Nano

Pivot Energy

UQM / Danfoss Editron

Cleantech Innovator of the Year 

The Cleantech Innovator of the Year award goes to an individual who made a significant impact on the Colorado cleantech ecosystem in 2019. 

Innovator of the Year Finalists:

Steve Berens, CEO of Clear Comfort

Joel Serface, CEO of Catalyze

Debra Wilcox, Co-Founder of The 3D Printing Store

Katie Woslager, Advanced Industries Senior Manager of Colorado’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT)

CCIA will also announce additional awards, including the Legislator of the Year, at the celebration on October 16.

We at CCIA are proud of the extended community of cleantech innovators and thrilled to get this opportunity to host a party to celebrate the extraordinary work going on in Colorado.

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