Mining Cleantech Challenge

April 12, 2017 | Denver, CO | Presented By CCIA

Connecting the Mining Industry with Clean Technology Innovation

March 23, 2017 – We are pleased to announce the following companies will be presenting at the 2017 Mining Cleantech Challenge:

AATA International, Inc.
AATA International, Inc. is a professional environmental and social consultancy specializing in management, permitting, and technical services for natural resource development projects worldwide, offering comprehensive water resource management, monitoring, and modeling solutions.

Ceramatec is an advanced research and development company that specializes in electrochemistry, ion-conducting membranes and advanced materials. This application focuses on the recovery of metals from waste streams using a platform electrochemical technology.

Cypher Environmental Ltd.
Cypher Environmental is a leading provider of global environmental solutions for dust control, erosion control, soil stabilization, and wastewater treatment. Cypher has proven solutions in the form of results-oriented products with a focus not only on superior quality, but also on environmental integrity.

Emergy Labs
Emergy has developed a sustainable manufacturing process to produce fully-tunable carbon-based materials specialized for efficient and low cost water/air filtration and precious metal recovery during mining operations.

Sovereign Consulting Inc.
Sovereign offers the mining industry a cost-saving pathway to eliminate or down-size perpetually-operated chemical treatment plants for acid rock drainage (ARD) by updating and integrating proven technologies to sustainably suppress ARD generation at its source.

SunTech Drive
SunTech Drive delivers the most efficient off-grid nanogrid controllers on the market, replacing legacy electromagnetic cores and windings with high speed digital switching silicon and adaptive firmware.

Triogen B.V.
Triogen’s 170kW ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) saves 300,000 liter of diesel per year (that is a 5-8% savings for 2-3 MW generator) by converting engine waste heat into electricity.

Vessels Coal Gas, Inc.
Vessels Coal Gas Inc. (VCG) is dedicated to economically capturing venting mine methane with expertise in converting waste methane into a marketable resource.


Program Overview
To be successful in today’s mining industry, you need advanced solutions, solutions that impact your bottom line but also advance your social license to operate. Mining companies are looking for ways to save water and energy within their facilities and are engaging their suppliers to integrate practices that conserve resources through remote sensing, on-site power, data analytics, and other methods.

The inaugural Mining Cleantech Challenge quickly and efficiently provides targeted connections between mining industry operators, OEMs, and clean technology solution providers with a mutually beneficial goal of meeting industry’s needs while at the same time introducing innovative solutions to the marketplace.

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